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Enhanced Team Building Program

For those seeking a more focused and comprehensive experience, we offer an opportunity for teams to fulfill specific performance goals. 

During this process teams will:

  • Identify areas of need
  • Develop the necessary skills to improve performance
  • Learn how to apply new skills in the workplace 
  • Create an Action Plan 

Our Process

Identifying Areas of Need – Pre-Program Survey

Elicit input from team leaders and team members. This ensures that multiple points of view are considered, helps build buy-in and serves as a means for team leaders to learn more about the opinions of their team members. 

Analyzing Areas of Concern – Custom Survey

Based on input from the team leader, areas of concern are formed into questions that are then made into a 10-12 question survey. The basis of this survey will be built on aspects unique to your business (specific initiatives being implemented, company models of leadership, etc.)

Common areas of focus:

  • Collaborative problem-solving skills 
  • Effective communication
  • Execution of plans 

Team members are asked to respond to the survey questions and provide their perceptions regarding key aspects of the team’s performance.

Team Essential Assessment 

Focused on measuring workplace teams instead of assessing the individuals who make up the teams. The assessment can be offered in place of or in combination with the custom survey.  

✶This cost-effective tool has been validated by the University of Illinois Chicago – Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development. 

Team Essentials Basic

Measures team members perceptions in the areas of Team Output and Effectiveness

Team Essentials Complete

Measures six core components: Output, Effectiveness, Leadership, Infrastructure, Individual Contributions, Support 

Facilitated Group Challenge

  1. It’s all about the facilitation. Group challenge initiatives (problem-solving activities that focus the group on forming and executing plans to overcome challenges) are utilized as a means of highlighting the overall effectiveness of the team. 
  2. The facilitator injects discussion questions and observations as a way for group members to reflect upon their individual and group actions.
  3. The facilitator supports the group as it creates plans for how to implement insights that occur during the initiatives that come later in the progression.  
  4. This then lays the foundation for the group to ultimately transfer their experience to efforts back at the workplace.

 Action Plan Workbook

The workbook serves as a space to record the workplace goals that are agreed to by the group and the action steps that the team creates. Each workbook will be customized for each group.

The workbook includes:

  • Results of the team’s pre-program survey
  • Areas of focus for the experience.  

End of Program Planning Discussion

Purposeful discussions are the core of successfully creating buy-in from all group members and a pathway toward utilization of the experience for the long-term.  

While the experience remains fresh on the minds of participants, our facilitators:

Initiate a structured discussion that brings the program components together → elicit ideas on how the experience is pertinent to their workplace → form post program goals for the team → cement their action plan.    

Post Program 

Team members finish their experience with feelings of renewed purpose, a clear vision forward and a greater understanding of how to implement new found learning into action. 

We provide a post-program survey that helps the team measure:

  • The level of on-going need to focus on areas originally identified
  • New areas of need that have emerged
  • Progress/commitment to the Action Plan
  • Ideas for updating the Action Plan (or moving beyond it)

For details on pricing, scheduling your experience or for more information, please contact: Dana Johnson at (262) 248-9271 or